The question is, which technology or language is the fastest today for web development? Looking for what tasks? Yes, for all tasks, it is clear that it is not for the informational html page.

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    Do you need fast development or a fast system? - andrybak
  • Read about server modules for the ISAPI, NSAPI keywords. - karmadro4
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    Written the same - fast ... for web development - neoascetic
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    The speed of development depends on the developer and on the object being developed. Everywhere there are already ready libraries and frameworks accelerating development (there are many libraries out of the box in Python, they don’t need to be installed, which can save you time), describe the task, you can say more precisely what works. - rnd_d
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    @northerner, apparently the nickname of the vehicle is magic, the hand does not rise. - avp

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I will say Python, others will say PHP, then RoR fans will come, and you will not get an answer. Because no clear answer, for example:

  • Vkontakte, facebook is PHP
  • google is python
  • githab is rails

Each project is a media giant, so it’s better not to say.

and this is just what I remembered ... for example, finding a PHP specialist will be easier and cheaper than the same python.

The only thing I will say about PHP is: P ersonal H ome P age, personal page no more than that, it's easy to write web pages on it, but large applications can also be done, but it will be tight ...

There are not so many reasons for this, the main thing is not enough, and in general many things will have to be implemented by yourself, and the value is appreciated by its simplicity :)

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    Mmm, I thought PHP is a PHP recursive acronym: Hypertext Preprocessor now - neoascetic
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    Yes, Personal Home Page it was only up to the third version. > large applications are also POSSIBLE, but it will be tight ... And the men (Zuckerberg, Durov, Wales) do not know :)> the main thing is not enough of the OOPS, and in general many things will need to be implemented by the Framework itself. The answer is plus - there is really no definite answer. In 99.999% of cases, well-written code using one tool will not yield to well-written code using another. And the speed of development, if you plant two pros, will also be comparable (if only because there is little coding in professional development). - northerner
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    You laugh at vkontakte php, well, well) there probably is almost nothing left of pkhp (yeah and skype is written in delphi ) - rasmisha
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    oh yeah, did a recursive acronym +10 to language bite - Specter
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    Plus antipohapeshnye statements. - karmadro4

I'll put in my five kopecks.

  • - C #
  • - Java

About PHP, RoR, Python have already spoken. In any language, development is faster if you write straight arms and bright heads. Light heads will write faster on python or rails than on java, a fact. But since there are never enough light heads, they take more strict java / sharpe and write on them. It is much easier to search for errors in a statically typed language than for a dynamic one. Anyone can write code, but to bring it into a normal form after QA is much more difficult. Somewhere on Habré saw the article, as a man praised the python. And he solved the problem with the minuses of dynamic languages ​​very simply - TDD. But before TDD usually goes a long way -> enlightenment of the head.

    Ready Tsmska

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      but in my opinion, maximum speed can be achieved only with "hands" - Specter
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      what speeds? bike you can quickly go ... - Gorets
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      there is no universal CMS sharpened for absolutely any task - Specter
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      Why universal? We must take it for the store, for the blog, website, portfolio, etc. It was immediately obvious that the question is provocative, the speed depends on the number of developers, their qualifications, hardware, the task itself - as a result of the dough that you have to develop. - Gorets
    • > but in my opinion, maximum speed can be achieved only with "hands". Speech is about development speed, not work. - Nofate

    In my opinion, the most rapid to develop are Ruby and Python.

      In my opinion, the most convenient for web programming is ASP.NET MVC. I did not program in Java, so it can be no worse. But if ASP.NET is good, it’s user support, user-friendly documentation and constant software updates. I want to say that php is convenient only if you have never programmed and it is difficult for you to deal with things like JAVA or .NET. PHP should be learned by any developer, but you should not dwell on it, because you have to write a lot of uninteresting code there.

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        You will be very surprised when you look for how much has already been written in php. And the documentation and examples are probably no less than in ASP.NET MVC - Anton Feoktistov
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        Well, or look at Jang. For Python is still more rainbow - neoascetic
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        I will not be surprised, since I have been running PHP for over a year. Regarding documentation. Documentation for the language of the sea itself, but for many frameworks, only in English or without it. Yes, and frameworks written in PHP have support not from hundreds of programmers, like on .NET, but from several enthusiasts. Therefore, by studying another PHP framework, you risk one day remaining on a completely outdated framework, without updates and users. I am not agitating anyone, but PHP is a very low-professional community, and many programmers wander from it in search of an easy life. - Eriendel
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        Maybe Python, Java, or Ruby are also good tools, but for now ASP.NET suits me. - Eriendel
      • I think you will be surprised at what a community of really large PHP frameworks, symfony or Zend, is clearly not even a hundred programmers. I don’t really want to defend PHP, but I don’t explicitly refuse in this way in the PS group. Crying that the documentation is not in your language in IMHO programming moveton, of course, if this is not the development of Russian programmers, besides, let's say the Zend Framework has translated the documentation in Russian by 90 percent. - zippp

      In my opinion, to give a specific answer to this question, you need to develop a project with the same functionality, for example, in the following languages:

      • Perl
      • Php
      • Ruby
      • WITH#

      And give an estimate of the time spent! Do not write govnokod, namely OOP!

      There are those who will respond in fact on what to dance faster?

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        Do not write govnokod, namely OOP. OOP can not be govnokodom? And why OOP, instead of a functional, for example? - neoascetic
      • by the way a good question. And now there is a lot of talk about functional languages, and as many conversations as OOP did not justify itself. Where to look for the truth? - Anton Feoktistov
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        The truth, as always, somewhere in the middle - neoascetic
      • at least oop works slower (in which it could not justify itself) than ordinary functions, but it is easier to work with objects ... this is purely IMHO ... ------------------- - ZY And on OOP write govnokod, I do not deny! - Palmervan
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        but at the expense of failing expectations, we talked about code reuse. Everyone dreamed that it would be possible to write and forget business logic once. Something for the bank to write once the system, and to push all the banks - did not work. But with logging, the command line and other trifles - it even happened) - Anton Feoktistov

      Write: server - Python (Web2py framework), client - HTML + IronPython + Silverlight. It is possible to make a “hell of a bald one” both quickly and efficiently, but there are few specialists ;-)) (both there and there))))).