I make a mobile version of the site.
I make special styles for displaying content in mobile devices, where I set the width of the blocks 100% , but in mobile browsers for the initial loading for some reason it displays too small font and no effect is possible - the user will still need to zoom in to read. Here is the simplest example of the link - the text in the mob. browsers are displayed too small, also in all such cases with a width of 100% .
How to make so that at initial loading the page would be shown in normal readable scale?

  • Why not just increase the font for mobile devices? - andrybak
  • Like this? In styles? - Aviko pm
  • To read normally, you have to increase as much as 48px, is this normal? - Aviko

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You only need to set width = devicewidth, and do not touch the scale. Because the fixed scale is terribly uncomfortable.

    See also this topic. And about this "simple techniques of adaptive layout . " And yes, I know how much time has passed. If you have a question, you need an answer :)