There is a public project on GitHub. I need to download the version of the project, the publication of which was a month ago. Is it possible to get the source code of the old version of the project?

  • commit version ac5de1421f45aff3566e850e0b4ab18ce01f629f - ExPande

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  1. Clone the repository as usual, git clone <URI репозитория>

  2. In the history (on the site, or using git log ) find the commit or tag you need (in fact, a point in time) and go to it: git checkout <хэш коммита или тег> . In your case, git checkout ac5de142 (you can specify not a full hash, but only a unique part of it).

  3. (Optional) Do the git checkout -b my-fork branch and continue working.

    If a known hash, then you just need to do git checkout тут_хеш in the project folder. If there is no project in the folder, you need to merge it first with git clone .