Hello, tell me, please, how to implement the monitoring of a particular column?

It is necessary to do the following: the column contains dates, it is necessary to check every day. That is, there was a comparison with the current date. If these values ​​are equal, then perform some action.


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    the easiest way to do this is on the server side - a daily launch of the myscript.php script is added to cron

      The question does not contain enough information to answer. In the general case, given the possibility of changing the column with dates, it is required to periodically poll the database for the presence of events of interest. Java example: PgNotificationPoller .

      • Thanks for the answer. I will try to write in more detail. I am primarily interested in whether it is possible to do this with the help of the database and with minimal effort. Just the problem is not worth it to understand this class or reinvent the wheel. I just thought, maybe there is some kind of team, or something like that. In the date column. It is necessary that we start at the beginning of each day, the test worked. If there is a match with the current date, then certain actions. - JDev
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