By default, memcached uses up to 64 MB of memory. You can set the size with the -m option from the command line:

memcached -p 11211 -u nobody -l -m 128 -d 

But after rebooting, it will return to 64 MB. The question is how to change (increase) this size so that when the system reboots it is saved?

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    And why do not you put this value at boot?

    And you can fix Init Script:

    If you have installed a memcached from your OS package What do I get? Such as via a / etc / sysconfig / memcached file. Make sure you check these scripts or write your own.

    If you are a directory, you can find a list of scripts.

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      OK. Looked in ubuntu - the installation script is in /etc/memcached.conf. If you specify -m 128 there, then after rebooting, memcached uses 128 MB. - Nicolas Chabanovsky
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