There is a scrollview in it a table of buttons. How do I scroll the scrollview to a button that is outside the visible scrollview area ?


ScrollView scrollView = new ScrollView(this); ....//тут мы каким то образом надобавляли кнопок в scrollView .... //и есть кнопка button, которая уже находится в scrollView; 
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You need to make a scrollTo() before the button, and this should be done via - that is, you will send a message to the window system that will be scrolled after the content is displayed.

 PostScroller ps = new PostScroller(myScrollView, 0, pos); //pos - позиция кнопки; class PostScroller implements Runnable { private View view; private int x, y; PostScroller(View view, int x, int y) { this.view = view; this.x = x; this.y = y; } public void run() { view.scrollTo(x, y); } } 
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 int top = view.getTop(); scrollView.scrollTo(0, top); 
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