Good day!

I have a problem. When I mounted my new web browser, I noticed that when I clicked on the "New Window" link, iexplore.exe opens with a link, and I would like the link to load in the same element. I understand that it is necessary to handle the event webbrowser1.newwindow, but I do not understand how to do it EXACTLY. I tried to delete the process iexplore - does not plow.

Help me please!

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    Sorry, comrade Dwarf!
    I found a simpler solution, just a little bit left: P

    webbrowser1.navigate(webbrowser1.statustext,false) e.cancel=true 

    Nevertheless thank you)))

      In C ++, this is done by configuring IE itself, through the registry. The most basic way is to find a parameter in IE, like "Always open in the current window", and see what is written to the registry during these actions. Further, from the code we change the registry value.