I installed django on ubuntu, tell me how to execute a command in the terminal on the file django-admin. Ru to create a new project.

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There are two installation options - either through repositories (the right way) or handles, downloading from the site and unpacking (good if you need the latest versions or several versions at the same time).

In the first case, you just need to enter django-admin in the console (this is exactly on fedora) or django-admin.py (perhaps there are distributions where you need to enter this way).

In the second case, you must either add the path to django-admin.py to the PATH variable, or enter the full path each time.

    sudo ln -s /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-package/django/bin/django-admin.py /usr/local/bin/django-admin.py
    cd / home / user /
    django-admin.py startproject myprj

    and all
    ps: paths to the file may differ.
    pps: could be printed in letters. i'm writing from a mobile