If the author sits in Ukraine, and the site lies on the hosting, for example in the USA, then this site is considered to be American and subject to American laws, and not Ukrainian?

  • the site is considered to be Ukrainian, but the infa lying on it is available only to US services because The server is located on their territory. Well, respectively, the organs of Ukraine can not just take and get the data from there - Artem

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if the site is "lying" (that is, it does not work), and the author is "sitting" (that is, received a deadline), then what does it matter? :)

And if at the same time he is in the domain. Ru, then he is Russian?

In general, as far as I know, you need to look at where the hosting is located, which hosts the site and in the contract between the hoster and the owner. Such things are written there. But in your case, the site is likely to obey American laws.