What framework to choose for a large project that requires:

  1. security
  2. development speed
  3. flexibility

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    Understand the principle of framework, for which it is intended, to consider the structure, tasks. Read about PDO, sit down and write your own! - Palmervan
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Zend FrameWork

    There were a lot of such questions. And of all the discussions, you definitely need to choose what is more familiar to you and more closely in structure and programming style. The framework is a tool and you need to choose it for yourself first.

      If in the future you want to write something worthy and in general to become a professional, then Symfony2, and if you indulge, then that thread is simpler;)

        compare php frameworks
        on Habré article
        or that 's interesting too

        I give the links so that the holivar will not be :)

          I also chose in my time, for comparison, I decided to write a small blog on a 3-framework: Zend FrameWork, Symfony, YII. Faster and better, it turned out on YII, now I mostly use it, sometimes connecting it from Zend. As for me, YII is much more flexible than the rest, this is its main advantage, but as they say: "To the taste and color ....."

          • But can you lay out all 3 projects, give the opportunity to compare the code to others? :) - digi

          Not at all in the subject of the question: I would protest against all the frameworks, since the question is posed in such a way, and would not advise using none other than my own. Before you start to throw mud - read on.

          • security. I have such an assumption, kick if I am wrong - if you are not able to write secure code yourself, then no framework will make your life.
          • speed of development. This item causes a tremendous resonance, which covers me: for some reason, I don’t know why, the speed of development on what you write yourself will be much higher than on any framework (Do not consider it as ignorance or insult, but in this question you can see knowledge and I still hold the opinion that the framework is needed for rapid development, and then deployment, but not for learning). Again we return to my answer to item 1.
          • flexibility. What do you mean by flexibility?
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            But what about the team development of large projects on the "own" framework? - digi
          • @digi, but I did not say anything about team development. There were purely personal recommendations "Do not think for ignorance or insult, but in this matter your knowledge is visible and I still adhere to the opinion that the framework is needed for rapid development, and then deployment, but not for learning." - stck
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            according to personal experience, I will say that the right thinking did not come as a result of personal development, but only after Symfony2 began its development, first started looking at ideas and trying to transfer to your project, then I realized that I could use the components reasonably, and only then I understood the beauty of all decisions, what the symphony project offers :) - digi
          • @digi, I can not judge adequately, based on a verbal description. > the right thinking did not appear as a result of personal development, but only after the start of the study Symfony2> ***> "I went on the deflated wheels, but then I thought and decided to still put myself winter tires" I see it somehow. - stck
          • The fact that the framework in crooked hands will not be safe cannot be considered a valid argument - the samopisny solution in the same hands will be completely terrible. Quick development? Writing a project in parallel with the framework will not work faster. Not in parallel - all the more. Third-party development is developed without you, other programmers can learn it and this knowledge will be more useful to them. - xEdelweiss