I apologize in advance for probably an absurd and not very well-posed question, just in php I'm full 0.
So the essence of the question:
there is a certain html page divided into three parts (it seems that this is called a tray if I am not mistaken), each of these parts corresponds to a .php file. In the admintray.php file (central part of the html page) I insert a link, here is the code:

print("<p><b><a href='http://ip_адрес/cgi-bin/qstat.pl'><img src='1.jpg' alt='' border='0' /><br>Череповец</a></b></p>"); 

The link appears, the transition occurs, but the page to which the transition is made opens as if in one part of the page with which the transition was made (in the admintray in general), in general, I remain on the page on which it was. How to make a "full" transition?

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    <a href="..." target="_top">...</a>

    • Thanks It works! - mixerden

    This is called a frame! Each frame is assigned its own name. The page opens in the frame whose name is specified (as suggested by the distinguished ling) in the target attribute. For example: we have two frames:

     <frameset> <frame src="menu.html" name="menu"> <frame src="main.html" name="main"> </frameset> 

    If the link is in the "menu" frame, and contains the target = "main" attribute, then when clicked, the result will open in the "main" frame. This attribute may contain the following utility values:

    _blank - opens a page in a new window.
    _self - opens the page in the window in which they click on the link.
    _parent - opens the page in the frame-parent, if the page is without frames, it works like _self
    _top - opens the page on top of all frames, if the page is without frames, then it works like _self