How to make a cable adapter with Micro SD to Mini USB! It will be connected instead of a flash drive external HDD!

  • I have a digital camera on it includes 16 GB ... this is not enough for me !!! I need to connect to it an external hard drive !!! Result?! - The Beast
  • I dare to note that hard drives with micro SD are not very similar) - Alexey Sonkin
  • By the value of this and that - there is a memory. The difference, roughly speaking, in the amount of media. - The Beast
  • No, you are absolutely wrong) The difference is awesome there in the interfaces. If you want to connect a hard drive as a microsd, then you need to do the same thing there, which I wrote, just the opposite. Plus, implement the processing of all commands of the protocol and the correct answer to them) But it’s not a fact if you can make your camera manage to cope with a large amount of memory. It's easier to buy a second card than to engage in perversions with a disc, which in this mode is easy to ditch) - Alexey Sonkin
  • What is the joke and I need continuous shooting for a certain period of time. Approximately 18-36 hours of continuous shooting! - The Beast

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Well, actually, just the cable will not work . Because for SD to work, you need a controller ... And another USB controller ... And so on. Those. it will not be an adapter cable anymore, but a card reader. It is cheaper to buy a ready-made card reader for micro SD ...

    Cheaper to buy Chinese.

    But if you are interested in samopal, then you take arm7 / arm9 with built-in usb2.0, see the mass storage device implementation example, write or take a ready-made library for SD-cards (from the same elm-chan, or EFSL).

    Well, add interaction between them. But do not count on speed)

    • And specifically? Link or what ... - Beast
    • First out of Google: - Alexey Sonkin
    • A little confusing on your link! - The Beast
    • You can not collect - order some master of controllers and electronics, or look for the finished one. There are not so many cases there, but they require a heap of specific knowledge. - Alexey Sonkin
    • Well, you yourself would have undertaken such work? And how much would it cost? - The Beast