How to program apache? What language to use? And in general, what can you do with it?

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    It seems to me that you are confusing something, judging by the article from the wiki , Apache has no software (and if there is, then everything is already “programmed” :)

    But seriously, it seems to me that you have a mess in my head. Apache is a free web server. You can “program” for it in different “languages”, but in my opinion you should look towards html and php. But first read the basics of network technology. When you know what a package is and how the http protocol works, then you can talk about something :)

    In general, I strongly advise you to use Google. There is a question - the first thing is not to run into the hashcode, but to go to Google and drive it into the query string. Immediately there will be fewer questions, I guarantee.

      Apache is not programmed, it is customized