It is necessary for me to fasten registration in one project through OpenID and social. network. Googled, found the information, but somehow everything is too blurry and superficial. Maybe someone already dealt with this problem? Advise an effective way, the application. Ideally, it would be cool to see the source of the implementation, thanks.

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    Recently, I also fastened openId, and just like you encountered a lot of applications without any clear examples of their use. Fortunately, I came across django-publicauth by Here is a clean project with an example of authorization and registration, and here the post of the author about authorization and registration of "vkontakte". Vkontakte registration for some reason did not work for me on the combat server, but it worked on the test server. Everything else, cobbled together from an example, worked perfectly.

      There Django Social Auth ( ), which allows you to insert authentication using accounts in the social. networks and through OpenID.