Good evening! Recently, I became increasingly interested in the following question: why for people of the age category (50 and above), the prospect of working as a programmer is not regarded as a serious profession? That is, if they are told: "I want to work as a programmer" or "I like programming and earning it for life" - for people of the above-mentioned age these phrases are almost equivalent to some kind of laziness ... This reaction is not quite clear to me.

I wonder why, in your opinion, even a junior technical support specialist, changing cartridges and installing office equipment, seems to be much more promising for older people than working as a programmer (in any field except, most likely, 1C developer)?

PS @avp , since the question is already closed by the moderator, I can not answer your question. Of course, these were people not from the IT sphere. The survey caused a mixed reaction, which is most likely due to the fact that it was I who stated the essence of the question that way. In general, an interesting topic for discussion, but not entirely well formulated by me.

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    Where did you get your statistics? Who and how many interviewed? Normal programmer - zp 3k greens - find me a person + 50, who will say that this is not a promising or average sn programmer, a beginner, from 1k greens, find a sphere where they pay more ... - Gorets
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    @ LeD4eG, who told you such nonsense? Where did you find such a magnificent top ten (looking at your comment to the answer @ eprivalov1). - avp
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    Of course, I am far from statistics as a science, but IMHO survey of 10 people is not enough to make any conclusions based on the results of such a survey (such as "for (all) people of the above-mentioned age, these phrases are almost equivalent to the following .. . "). - insolor
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    "I interviewed 10 people of the same age category" and "why for people in the age category (50 and above) the prospect of working as a programmer is not regarded as a serious profession" ... Absurd. Those. If, for example, I interviewed 10 people of the same age category and all of them, for example, work as janitors, then, by your logic, are all people of this age category janitors? : D PS: where does the hashcode come from? - Zowie
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    @ LeD4eG, I was really surprised to see such information. The fact is that I am 53 and most of my acquaintances of the same age category. Many work in IT themselves. Basically, of course, management, analytics and system integration. Many children work (so far) as programmers (with this or that bias). So true, what social stratum did you interview? - avp

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Most likely that contingent of which you speak, has grown in "Soviets". And most likely they are used to working with their hands, namely to do something "physically." And now is the time when working with brains is much more profitable and easier. But most people are "impenetrable", it is hard for them to explain that you spent the whole day at the computer and wrote 20 lines for the whole day. But for you these 20 lines are gold, you searched, debugged, cleaned, optimized, and for them, tyk-tyk-tyk.

  • Well, finally!))) Always happy that there are adequate people) Yes, on the one hand, I agree with you. for them, still sitting at the computer is regarded as some idleness. But I think there is another aspect. In their times, there were no such number of languages ​​of such a different orientation. Accordingly, for them (I do not know whether this is applicable in this case), this profession is not clear, not "promoted" or something. Here is a 1C programmer - this is understandable. this is accounting, personnel .... - LeD4eG
  • oh oh, what a resonance! @ Avtostopom_do_Raya, I think your answer is correct and satisfactory for myself. plus)) You are the only truly expressed your opinion! (although, judging from recent comments, there are too few respondents to accept your answer) - LeD4eG
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    Perhaps not. On the other hand, it’s not very interesting to sit in the fifty kopecks to sit and write-debug-clean some lines. The lines are the technical part, the routine, after all. The pure engineering activity is somewhat higher than the lines of code. This is me to a definite difference between the coder, the programmer and the systems engineer (which, however, is a tangled moment, because there are too many different opinions on it.) But this, of course, is not about those who want to command a change of cartridges and be great master copier. - drdaeman