How many bits / bytes do the metadata use in MP3 or how can I find this out with the JLayer Java library?

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    The last 128 bytes of the mp3 file contain metadata. You can write a program that reads them. Structure:

    Song title30 characters
    Artist30 characters
    Album30 characters
    Year4 characters
    Comment30 characters
    Genre1 byte

    But this is for ID3v1, the structure of ID3v2 is more complicated. Description can be found here. Library for reading information here.

    • I use JLayer. There is a method that returns them. I just wanted to cut them off the stream to glue 2 files into 1. But there is some other catch. It does not see all the data of the 2nd file after they are connected and reproduces only the first part - Justinserg