I would like to write a custom clock, which would be displayed as a system over a locked screen. Who knows how to do this? I have little development experience, i.e. worried only locked screen.

  • Isn't it better to make a widget? - Gorets
  • Yes, I wanted to make it a widget, but how to display it on top or on the lockscreen? - rumnakl

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Maybe something will help: tyts There is a link to the project code.

  • Yes, thanks, I also watched it. In short, for readers of the topic: you can create an activation, which will be displayed instead of LockSkrin when you click on "power" (if your application is running with this activation). A similar widget cannot be created. One of these days I will study the source code of custom LockSkrin. If anything is found interesting - accomplish your goal. - rumnakl

As far as I understand, on a non-rutovon device, this can be done only by updating the lock screen wallpaper. I would be glad if this is not so.

  • What does changing the lock screen wallpaper mean? Need to intercept screen lock and change the wallpaper to those that will contain the necessary information? - rumnakl
  • not. There is a setting for the lock screen wallpaper. Later I will write how to do it. It is necessary to write a service that will, with some frequency, change this wallpaper to your own ones (they took the old wallpaper, painted it on them, put it out) - that is, living elements on the lock screen can not be added only info - Chad
  • If you can lay out how to do this code - I will wait along with the readers of the topic. Thank you - rumnakl