Studying MVVM. After going through several toolkits, I stopped at SimpleMVVM

He himself seems to have figured out the toolkit itself, but the question arose. There is an application - it scans files of a specific type in a given directory, reads a description from each one and creates the corresponding xml file. Then from this xml-file is a selection of the necessary parameters and displayed on the screen. At the moment, scanning the catalog is done in the form of a static class with two methods:

public static class Scaner { public static int NewScan() {...}; public static int Rescan() {...}; } 

In the future we plan to create another similar static class - a converter from one format to another.

The question is: where should these two classes be located if they do not belong to Models or ViewModels (at least as far as I understand it), and how can they be correctly called?

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    If the project is small, you can place this class next to the class (s) where it is used. If the project is large, then, as a rule, it is divided into parts according to the area (for example, UI , TextProcessing , ImageProcessing , etc.), so you can put it in a separate subproject ( Scanning ).