Who knows what keyboard shortcuts in the developer console in Windows? The developer console, this is the console that comes with Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Hotkeys

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    The VS Developer Console differs from the usual command line only in that it sets some environment variables before launch. [source: MSDN ]

    So all the same shortcuts will work in it as in cmd.

         Tab |  Autocomplete file system object name.
        /  |  Move through the history of commands.
     F1 , F1 , F1 |  Repeating the characters of the previous command one by one.
           F2 Z |  Repetition of a part of the previous command;  down to the Z character
           F3 |  Repeat the previous command
           F4 Z |  Starting from the current cursor position, delete part of the command down to the character Z.
           F5 |  Move through the command history (↑).
           F7 |  History of the last teams.
       ALT + F7 |  Clearing command history
           F8 |  Move back through the history of commands, but only for those commands that begin with the text entered in the command line.
           F9 |  Reproduction of a command by ordinal number from command history.
          Esc |  Clear input line / Close modal window.
         INSERT |  Switch between Insert / Overwrite modes
      Ctrl + Home |  Delete part of the line to the left.
      Ctrl + End |  Delete part of the line to the right.
      Ctrl +  |  Move the cursor one word to the left (back)
      Ctrl +  |  Move the cursor one word to the right (forward)
            |  Erase character to the left.
          Home |  Move to the beginning of the line.
          End |  Move to end of line.
        + PgUp |  Scroll up *
        + PgDn |  Scroll Down *
       Ctrl + C |  Cancel command execution.
       Ctrl + Z |  Signal end of file.

    * May not work in some versions of Windows XP.

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    Common notation

      F7 - история последних 50 команд стрелка вверх/вниз перемещение по истории команд