Tell me, please, how best to implement the interface of the program in the Delphi language. In general, the essence is this: the program analyzes the text and finds errors in it. All errors found are written to the ListBox by the Errors.Add() procedure, but there are errors describing which takes a width larger than the width of this ListBox.
Making the ListBox too broad is impractical. Please tell me how to get rid of this problem. For example, it can somehow be done to translate words or a scrollbar appears.
Thank you in advance.

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    For scrolling, you can use not TListBox, but TMemo. It has a ScrollBar, both vertical and horizontal.

    However, you can make a derived class: TListBox + T ScrollBar, I did, however, not in Delphi, but in Bildere.

    • And how can I do something so that in TListBox messages do not go beyond the boundaries and were transferred? At least by words (for example, if a word is out of bounds, then move the whole word to the next line). - Serglih
    • still try to work with the class TStringList. - Vfvtnjd
    • You can, probably. Count the letters, and as soon as, immediately - there is a line break - bang, with a space or with a tab, for example, or without it. But you still have to scroll, at least vertically. So - better than TMemo. - BuilderC
    • I still figured out TMemo and did it to him. Thank. - Serglih