- All of them have a live demo of templates. It looks the same type, everyone uses the same GET request - hence this is a ready-made option. Do not tell me how to do this, demo, like theirs. Or rather, with what help is it done?

Here is a link to one of the examples:

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    Through the usual iframe, open the page and look at its source code.

    • I understand that this is an iframe. Even more I say - I see. I would have that strip with switching ... - inferusvv
    • one
      Again, in the source ... You broadcast an event to the drop-down list, take the selected name and use the same js to change the link in the iframe. - tranceman

    Just copy via Opera, press Ctrl + S and select File type: HTML file with images and that's it. Then you will save the folder with the html file, now you have a ready-made template, it only remains to see how it all works, but in the folder there will actually be all js and css files.

    • I can get files then =) I just thought that PHP is used there or something else .. Thanks for the info. I will try - inferusvv
    • Unfortunately, server-side language such as PHP cannot be seen in the source code of the template, unless you hack the system and copy the entire site [: ~) - webkostya