The essence of the question is that according to many instructions for organizing a DNS server and a web server, bind9 should be installed, then Apache, nginx and the rest, I first installed Apache, etc., and then I remembered that I need to register the DNS, which means install bind9 . If you do this after installing apache, will everything work or will you need to delete Apache and install it in the order specified by the manuals? If you delete, then tell what commands. I am very beginner, so please focus on the elementary things that are usually silent because of their obviousness. Tk complex and so everywhere you can find.

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    Delete is not necessary. They are not directly related. You may then have to reconfigure a little Apache server config, but no more.

    • Thank you very much. I haven’t yet found anything in the Apache server config that is strongly dependent on DNS and bind, I will try to install it and write the result here. - Takizka
    • Write, from DNS there all hosts and virtual hosts depend. If they have already been made, and you want to transfer them to DNS, then you will have to change the configs. - Dex
    • I did not find - that is, at home. That is, they were not. There was nothing, and nothing became. In the end, I realized that if I dig into this, I wouldn’t be in time. The solution from the lamer, as always lamer, is the reinstallation of the server. In my case, removing the VPS and creating a new one. And then the installation in the correct sequence, and It work's as a result. - Takizka