I read the information about the engines, but I would like to know, mainly on what many games for Android are created (2d, 3d, logical, etc.), is it possible to create all this in Eclipse, for example?

  • In any IDE using plug-in engines or on pure Open GL. - tim_taller

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You can, for example, using AndEngine:

AndEngine is an engine for writing 2D games for Android. The engine is free, productive. It has a large set of functions: working with sprites, built-in controls, on-screen joysticks, physics module, support for working with sound, text, menus, etc.

By Nicolas Gramlich. Project page in Google Game from the author of the Farm Tower engine - 2d puzzle, uses the physics library in the calculations.

There is practically no documentation for it, which is typical of many free development projects. Ways to work with him are passed on from mouth to mouth or on gourmet forums. The lack of documentation is compensated by the presence of many simple examples of using the functions of the engine.

The engine is installed on IDE Eclipce.

Here is an example installation. Here is the official site.

  • aha thanks)) and how Unity? - ramin
  • Unity is a fairly powerful multiplatform development tool. There are enough lessons to write for Android (30 days for free) but then you have to pay $ 400 for the standard package and $ 1500 for the Pro. - Sever
  • youtube.com/watch?v=4g8h6s6Du7E such a toy, for example, won't there be a problem to create with AndEngine? - ramin
  • You can use libgdx instead of AndEngine. IMHO he is more technologically and more convenient. - IronVbif 3:04 pm

The main engines are AndEngine and libgdx. Both 2d and both are free. The first is a little more brake (as they say, I did not check it myself). Both are quite simple to use. From paid you can select Unity 3d (available for Android).

In general, enter the query in google "android game engines" and get a lot of information.

It is worth adding that the engines - this is certainly great, but you need to know the mat.part and OpenGL. The engines just slightly simplify the work with OpenGL, realizing the frequent things in the game. But without fundamentals, something serious is meaningless.

And you can (and should) write a graphical part in C ++ from the Android NDK (Cocos 2dx engine using for example) and then you will have a cross-platform part that can be separated from the platform (ios, android, bada) and quickly ported to other OS.

    To write games for Android, you first need to know the Java language well. And in Eclipce is not possible, but you need to work. Just for this, you need to install an add-on in Eclipce, called the Android SDK, and install the JDK extension package ( Java Development kit )

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      If you know to know s / s ++, you can also write, you just need to install Android NDK :) - Sever
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      That's right !!! - webkostya
    • I know all this, I just had no experience creating games, I understand you need to connect the engine library to the eclipse. - ramin
    • If you are talking about AndEngine, then yes, you need to connect to Eclipse (I gave the link above). - Sever