Prompt, please, the local server, on Ubuntu, as Denver.

  • I do not know who minus. I liked the question so much. If the topic starter answers the question of what Denver is, then this question will be cleared. - alexlz

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    sudo apt-get install lamp-server ^ - gridsane

Apache, nginx

  • Well, I need something to support php - Zow
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    @Zow, epic facepalm. Is there no PHP support in Apache? - Oleg Arkhipov
  • @Construct - @Zow from which you want to create "great" things without putting in a proper effort (which, besides, somewhere, consider all programmers to be a dull shit, they don't know how, they can do anything etc. ). For those who do not really care, just stupidly ignore :) - Zowie
  • Alex, I did not understand you. - skegg
  • @mikillskegg - this is from the experience of communicating with the "patient" :) - Zowie