Good day to all.
In the application you need to use augmented reality.
I went through the whole Internet and found an excellent SDK link
Stopped at Step 3: Compiling & Running a Vuforia Sample App
More specifically here is Compile the Shared Object
I just can not understand what to do, in this regard, the application does not work.
Thanks in advance

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    It is about assembling NDK inserts in this example. You just need to "go" to the appropriate directory and type from the Linux (or Tsigvinovskaya) ndk-build console, the output will be the Linux library *.so , which will be used later to build the java APK

    • and if I have windows? - Wars
    • everything is the same under Windows - DroidAlex
    • @Wars if under Windows, then there is cygwin - roughly speaking, a Linux console emulator under Windows - Barmaley
    • No tsigwyn is needed there. Unpacked and into battle. - DroidAlex