Tell me how to make a website using Google App Engine.
Are there video tutorials / sites where it is written in detail. Just do not send to Google.
Much is written everywhere, but not written as.

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    Google App Engine is not the most suitable choice for site placement. He is more specialized in hosting web applications written in Java and Python.
    In Java, you can write a website using Google Web Toolkit and easily post it on Google App Engine using the built-in Plugin in Eclipse.
    It is unlikely that the creation of sites will be described somewhere else - it is not exactly for that.
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      Here's a lesson I figured out and made a couple of gag sites ( for example ), and keep them for free on Google App Engine. Single-page static plus sending me to mail from the form.

      You can’t do without Google, though:) It’s worth looking at examples from their documentation .

      PS small sucks is that you can not send a naked domain to the GAE site without www. We have to do a redirect.