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Good day everyone! There was a question about converting from PX to EM . Seen a lot of good sites use EM .

How to convert - an example (see above)?

Tell us how you use?

I would be grateful for any information!

* Before the code I connect resetting all styles.

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    The pxtoem.com website specializes in this topic.

    • in boorbon sass mixins there is an em function (10px) - translates 10px into em, recently noticed that it is considered deprecated, who can say why? - junior-web-dev

    1 em = 16px

    font-size: 12px; = font-size: 0.75em;

    etc. :)

    • 1 em is not 16px, but font size! - Pavel Mayorov

    I use this site https://all-markup-news.com/px-to-em/ for conversion

    • Although the link can find the answer to the question, it is better to point out the most important thing here, and give the link as a source. If the page to which the link leads will be changed, the response link may become invalid. - From the queue of checks - Denis
    • @Denis more attentively, please. It is likely that the link author was the one who needed the question. - Pavel Mayorov