What software is needed to program in C ++?

I am new to PHP experience.

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  • decide on the platform, and there it will be already clear, I advise you also to ask yourself the question, what do you want to get from learning the language. - rojaster
  • I want to learn how to write programs for windows, I have plans and ideas)) - Andrei Machikhin
  • They are not related at all. Only syntax is similar. - Vladimir Gordeev

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Visual Studio 2010 Express is a possible choice to start programming under Windows, the express version is completely free.

ps I also advise you to pay attention to C #, as for a beginner this language is much easier to learn, especially since php will be much smoother due to the fact that you don’t have to understand memory control. You can write in the same VS Express.

  • <b> +1 </ b> to "Visual Studio 2010 is the best development environment for Windows." <br/> <b> +1 </ b> to "C + - understand memory control." <br/> But You write as if having worked in C # the author still wants to write later in C ++. Personally, I do not see the advantages of C ++ over C #, except for speed. - uzumaxy
  • From the task depends, for sharochek, for games, pluses. - ArtFeel
  • @ArtFeel, -1 to memory control. As for a beginner, you need to learn how to manage memory, so that afterwards you do not spit on languages ​​without GC ;-) - AlexDenisov

Qt Creator . Although the link is not only IDE, but the SDK as a whole. Well, actually a couple of textbooks

    Since the platform is not specified:

    • Eclipse development environment , build "Eclipse IDE for C / C ++ Developers"
    • Compilers gcc under Linux and mingw under Windows.

    All links google by product name.

    • I'm on windows 7 at the moment, thank you for the answer, I'll go read manuals)) - Andrey Machikhin

    When learning programming languages. I recommend EVERYTHING to do it yourself without the code-completion feature and without any debuggers! Your best debugger is your hands and head. Hands must remember how to write correctly syntactically. And the head must memorize the idioms and approaches used in the language.

    Write in Notepad ++ or Sublime Text.

    Before compiling, look back and look at your code. Ask yourself "Will it compile exactly?" and only then compile. So you better learn the language.

    Development environments simplify the lives of those who go on to solve "combat" tasks.