Good day! Help me please! There are plug-ins for jQuery , the first one ( jQquery Notes ) forms hints on the image , and the second one displays full-size images ( LightBox ). Separately, both plugins work. How to link them together so that I can put text labels on a full-size image in LightBox .

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    It is possible that plug-in libraries are in conflict. JQuery.noConflict () sometimes helps

    • In general, I made a kind of function, where the parameters for jQuery Notes are specified: function setParams () {$ ('. Lb-image'). JQueryNotes ({}); } Then in lightbox.js I did the following: Lightbox.prototype.showImage = function () {var $ lightbox; ... $ lightbox.find ('. lb-image'). fadeIn ('slow'); setParams (); this.updateNav (); ....}; Now everything is created as it should with one BUT: the buttons for creating hints do not work :( - stasQa