Good day! Is it possible to somehow disable one tab from several in C # and how to implement it? Thank you in advance.

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With TabPage, you cannot set the Enabled property, with the same result as for a regular control, but you can prevent the transition to one or another tab in TabControl:

private void tabControl1_Selecting(object sender, TabControlCancelEventArgs e) { if (e.TabPage == tabPage2) e.Cancel = true; } 

    For TabControl, it is impossible to disable one of the TabPages; more precisely, TabPage has the Enabled property, but this is what is written about it:

    This item does not make sense for this control.

    There are two ways out:

    1. Simple: instead of disabling the tab, you need to delete it from the control panel
    2. Difficult: make the OwnerDrawFixed control and draw it yourself, and then you can make it "disabled" and visually make it gray.
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