The slider is made on the page, but it gets out of the page, and the extreme points on the left and right are cut off. Where do I need to change the size so that everything is displayed on the page size?

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    Add to CSS

    .jcarousel-container {overflow:hidden;} 
    • Yes, I already figured out. It was necessary to register such a style: <style type = \ "text / css \"> div.subcolumns {display: inline-block; position: relative; overflow: hidden; width: 100%! important; } </ style> - Heidel
    • Not sure whether the styles should be applied to div.subcolumns - I do not know the full purpose of this diva. For the carousel, it’s enough to apply styles to div.jcarousel-container. And you have excess styles. display: inline-block; width: 100%! important; position: relative; - for what ? - iKuzko
    • And div.subcolumns is the container in which the carousel lies. I will play with styles, I will remove the unnecessary. - Heidel
    • Yes, indeed, div.subcolumns {overflow: hidden;} is enough, everything else is redundant. - Heidel