There is:

char* input = ""; //char* input = ""; 

It is necessary that the function could distinguish the DNS name from the IP. How to implement. Through try {} catch {} trying to process the input string with gethostbyname () or inet_add ()? Or is there another option?

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    try-catch do not channel. Who will excite these same try-catch? Therefore, it is probably easier to use gethostbyname, and then check return codes. Well, if you want try-catch, then use throw to throw an exception by return codes from functions. Alternatively, yes, use inet_addr. An example of using gethostbyname is at>MSDN. Also take a look at this. I can't figure out how to get IP by DNS name! : (> question and code examples to it.

    • Well yes. This C # has infected me. That is, try this: use gethostbyname (), if it returns "not something", then IP? - Jakeroid
    • It is necessary to analyze the returned hostent structure. Read the information on the link. Everything is there. Briefly: we give DNS -> we receive IP. We give IP -> we also get IP. - gecube
    • First, I check for different INADDRANY entries ("" "" "inaddr_any" "inaddrany" (both nocase)), then inet_addr () and last of all gethostbyname (). No one has complained yet. - avp
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      By the way, what about the regex.h use case? Or boost :: regex? - gecube
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      inet_aton will not save the father of Russian democracy? If 0 returns - it means no ip-address at the entrance. - alexlz