There is a block and there are 3 more blocks each, each 270 pixels on 4: 3 monitors. Everything is fine, but on the widescreen appears indentation on the right. Who knows how to fix? (The whole page works as it should, only the block in the middle does not.)

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    In widescreen resolution is greater.

    divs by their nature stretch to the full available width and therefore the parent block is wider on the widescreen. Hence the indent.

    Fix parent width width desired styles. If you have 3 divas 270 pixels wide by width, set the parent to 810 pixels wide.

    • The whole problem is that I have a parent div 890 pixels - mixail
    • then add the code of blocks with styles, screenshots from regular and widescreen. Then they can help, and this is more like predictions :) - iKuzko
    • I sort of figured out almost the fact that this code comes from another page and on the 4: 3 screen for some reason it works and on broad ones if the inspector checks the block properties anyway 172 pixels - mixail

    Add a margin to the general div: 0 auto;