Good day! Tell me, please, is it possible to include in the project exe , then to launch it from the main unit? I added via Project -> Add to project , but the exe from the unit does not start.

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    What for ? You can run a third-party program from yours. For this, you can either use the standard language library functions, or WinAPI (Crea teProcess, for example). Not to mention all sorts of components. - gecube
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    Well, if you want to merge several projects into one, then throw off your exe-file in the folder where the project is located (for example ... \ project directory \ Bin \ .... exe), and run it with a function, for example, ShellExecute - returns a number less than 32 if it fails to start, declared in the ShellAPI module. - DelphiM0ZG
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    Do you want to compile another exe file to your program? and be able to run this file from your program? then dig in the direction of application resources. you need to submit the required exe file as a resource of your application, and after launching your program (for example, on the main form oncrite event), extract this exe file to a temporary folder, or to the folder with your application ... - Vladyslav Matviienko

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ShellExecute to help you)