How can you make an effect like on this site . There is a table of contents of the book, when you click on it increases. How can this be implemented? I downloaded scripts that are on that site, but nothing works.

  • Yes, soderzhanie (it seems the same thing, or not?). There one picture has such an effect. It is very necessary to learn how to do so. If you look at the code, you can assume that the jcemediabox is used. This is a plugin for JOOMLA, and on a site like voddpress is used. - Pavlik290592
  • read here, there is an excellent selection of habr, among them you will find what you need. Look towards jquery plugins. and… - CrazyTimon am
  • Something did not find what you need - Pavlik290592

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If you mean a picture that increases when you click, you can either invent your “bike” on jquery / js , or use some of the ready-made libraries, such as highslide .

To install this particular script, you need to attach a script to the page, styles and set the path to graphic elements - all this is well described on the site .

  • Something did not find what you need - Pavlik290592