Hello. On the Nokia n8-00, I ran into a problem: the python script shell for python 2.0 starts up a connection to the Internet when it starts up, which, if there is no network signal or offline, causes the script shell to crash. At the same time, in the source code default.py there are no references to network modules. How can this be treated? Thank you in advance.

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    The obvious option, which suggests itself immediately - if you understand the sources on Python, then try to view all (open) modules. Maybe the dog is poured somewhere else?

      On new versions of Symbian, there are versions of the PIPS library, which, when launched, try to go online to check for updates. If there is no connection, then PIPS stops working with an error. Python is based on PIPS, so its launch is also impossible.
      It is possible that the bug was fixed in new versions of PIPS, but it was still in 1.7.0. I can not say for sure, I switched to android, which is constantly evolving, unlike Symbian.