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I want to get a job in my city for a job, somehow connected with C ++. The only available job is the development of games for Android. Since I have a phone with this OS, I think it is worth a try.

What you need to learn to more or less understand this topic and feel confident at the interview?

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  • And what do you already know? - Asen2
  • Natural question. From what I think is needed, this is the standard C ++ and OOP, the most basic knowledge about graphics (from the university). In order to tighten the knowledge of graphics I will study lectures from MarSTU, but there is not a word about android, but there are the basics of OpenGL. I also know English at the level of reading those. documentation and books. - AlexeyVorobyev pm
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    If Android, then you need to learn a toad - skegg
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    Well, wait, and NDK? - Yura Ivanov
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    This is not true. Serious games are written on the pros, because with Java there is more trouble. Well, now they usually write to all platforms at once, here too, more pluses fit. - IronVbif

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For some reason everyone started writing about java. Meaning to learn Java, if you need a ++ developer in a job?

For an interview it is better to read:

  • About C ++ a couple of faku on "incomprehensible" places ( Good and well-known blog ) and about the new standard ( C ++ 11 FAQ in translation ).
  • About OpenGL ES there are a couple of books on the "OpenGL ES Programming Guide", you should start right away from 2.0.
  • It is also worth considering that at interviews they like to ask why round hatches ( what else they ask for ) and mathematics (Disretka, linal, matan).
  • It is about android there are performances with Google IO, worth seeing Writing Real-Time Games for Android (Java) and Bringing C and C ++ Games to Android (with ++) (Links Tyts Tyts )
  • In nete there is a list of questions asked for game developers, it is large and complex, but try to read.
  • There is nothing in that list of questions, but here the section about the assembler confused me. - AlexeyVorobyev

My lessons on writing a game . True there is java + canvas .

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    super! .... - Yura Ivanov
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    PR paid up?))) - Gorets
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    @Gorets, one Russian-speaking blog about android more. Written may not be comprehensive, but deep enough in the subject area with an emphasis on android. helpful anyway. - Yura Ivanov

If you want to learn how to program for mobile devices, think up a topic for a simple program and write. Yes, you will be long soared with simple things, but this way you will be able to figure it all out for yourself. Moreover, you have a device for android, it is convenient to debug and test.

PS: I’m in this way, I just wrote under Windows Phone, I figured out well in C # and now I’m working as a sharper.

    If you know C ++, you can try Cocos2dx to try it out. You can get acquainted with the engine for creating cross-platform applications here.

      I myself am currently learning programming on android. You should learn Java and XML. Android is pretty promising platform!