Often it is necessary to impose pages, and select pictures / icons / icons, however, 10-40 pictures are boring to upload to the server in order to see how the picture on the site will look.

Is there a tool for Google Chrome that will allow you to show how it will look on the site without uploading a photo anywhere?

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    Right-click, Inspect Element - opens the Developer Tools (or View - Developer - Developer Tools )

    There you can dynamically change the html, css, properties. Including replace in background: url() style with a local file to view. To fly with styles is very convenient!

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      This is a button accordion. The question was - are there any Google Chrome’s “Developer Tools” from the web store? And about F12, I found what to open my eyes. - trec
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      Bayan-neboyan, but doing his job. What do you expect to see from this your tulza? Ability to change the URL of the background of a particular element? Or SRC images? Oh, why, Developer Tools do the same thing! - neoascetic pm
    • Do layout, pumping pictures to a remote server - idiocy. The developer must have a local server. About the web store in the question you did not mention. What is the question - that is the answer. - Sergiks
    • Ok, we drove, we do everything as before, in the old fashion. Thanks to all. - trec

    Such working things need to be done in the development environment. And so agree, firebug and devtoolkit to help