Hello. I need to programmatically get PDF from DOCX (MS Office cannot be installed on a PC). I tried the Spire.Office library, everything works fine, but it is trial (writes this on every page). Tell me, please, whether there are free libraries, or a link to the full version (paid).

  • And OpenOffice? - alexlz
  • one
    @alexlz is also not, I will not put 122 MB of OpenOffice in order to upload the report of the program in PDF. - dizar47
  • And where does docx come from and can it be printed from there (in postscript)? If possible, then further ghostscript'om ps -> pdf ... (True, the size may be large) - alexlz
  • @alexlz I need to take 1.docx and turn it into 1.pdf, the VB.NET language. - dizar47

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Try this library here.

In general, you can do this: the program downloads the file 1.docx to some online converter, and then receives a download link (from this site) and downloads 1.pdf already. If there is always an Internet connection, then you can use this option.