I look at the source code of the site of a Russian tour operator in Google Chrome. I see this:

alt text

There were two questions:

  1. What is it?
  2. Why is this?

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    Used to indicate that the body contains binary data. The set of possible parameters includes the following (but not limited to):

    TYPE is a generic type or category of binary data, this information is intended more for the recipient than for automatic processing.

    PADDING — The number of PADDING bits added to the bitstream containing the data to form byte-oriented data. Useful when enclosing a bitstream in a body when the total number of bits is not a multiple of eight, that is, byte size.

    I think the question is why this is already completely stupid =)


    • Good. General information taken into account. Now we move inward. Why, instead of a normal picture, transmit something that causes a similar message in chrome? Moreover, there is nothing special in the pictures. For example, here: clck.ru/1KOz9 - Denis Khvorostin
    • There are a lot of examples to use! For example, have you ever transmitted a picture in base46? Here's an example of using =) binaries always work faster =) but you can lose something in weight, of course (you can theoretically be able to charge fonts, or unfulfilled libraries =) as an option =) - Roon Boh