/dev/sda3 you /dev/sda3 me how to view files from the /dev/sda3 ?

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    Its first mount

     mount /dev/sda3 /home/user/windows ls /home/user/windows 
    • And what, mount already identifies all file systems? - alexlz
    • I bet that there is ntfs. Problems will arise only if he is killed - Snow
    • you can add -o ro, so as not to spoil anything - sercxjo
    • Mount tries everything that a mortar driver has - eri


    And in order to constantly mount the fs at system startup, you need to add an entry to / etc / fstab. (details in fstab (5)).

    Something like this will look like the line you want to add:

     /dev/sda7 /media/windows/d(путь для монтирования) ntfs r,user,auto 0 2