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Can anyone share the experience of how to tie mingw to Sublime ?

Found some config in the internet, but when you run the compiled program, errors with missing files from the folder "../MinGW/bin/" pop up.

Here is the config itself:

 { "cmd": ["mingw32-g++.exe", "-o", "$file_base_name", "$file_name"], "path": "c:\\Program Files\\MinGW\\bin\\" } 
  • I noticed something ... If you place the compiled file in the "../MinGW/bin/" directory, then everything starts fine and works. I understand that the solution to the problem lies in the face, but I cannot reach the solution myself. - Sam Abdullaev
  • And if you set the path to your folder with the collected binaries in the path ? - VioLet
  • It leads to nothing. With this config, an error occurs with missing files. "cmd": ["c: \\ Program Files \\ MinGW \\ bin \\ mingw32-g ++. exe", "-o", "$ file_base_name", "$ file_name"], "path": "c: \\ helloworld \\ "Nothing happens at all:" cmd ": [" mingw32-g ++. exe "," -o "," $ file_base_name "," $ file_name "]," path ":" c: \ \ helloworld \\ " - Sam Abdullaev
  • one
    You have just statically linked libgcc and libstdc++ to your exe 'snik. Given the problems that static linking of runtimes can potentially lead to, I doubt very much that this is a good solution. - Costantino Rupert
  • For my level, I think this is not important for now. But still interesting .. And to what problems this may lead in the future? - Sam Abdullaev

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Transferred from the question, the author answered on his own:

I found the answer to my question! I just had to add one parameter to cmd. This is the "-static" parameter.

So, here is my MinGW.sublime-build , which works great:

 { "path": "c:\\Program Files\\MinGW\\bin\\", "cmd": ["mingw32-g++.exe", "-static", "-o", "$file_base_name", "$file"] }