Who knows how to remove the protection of VISUAL-SVN when renaming files in projects that are not part of the audit?

For example, there is a Solution :

 -DemoSolution +DemoProjetc1 +DemoProjetc2 (*) +DemoProjetc3 (*) 

This is where (*) these projects are included in the revision, and DemoProjetc1 is not included, but it is added here so that it can be corrected - this is an auxiliary library (you can pull it all out right through the dll , but copy it there every time - for a long time, and 2 VS will have to be opened) when I try to rename the file to DemoProjetc1 - VISUAL-SVN displays the message to me:

..... \ DemoProjetc1 .csproj 'is not a working copy.

and does not rename ...
How can I get around this?

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    This is a bug. The fix will be in one of the following VisualSVN.

    Update: has been fixed in VisualSVN 3.0.0.