Good day! I don’t know if there is a question on the topic, but: I am looking for the effect of coagulating / tilting a corner of an image. Those. there is an image, you need to roll it up when you hover it (like papyrus for example) or bend a corner - the text will appear behind the bent part.

I hope, clearly explained. Thanks to all.

  • Yes, I already found it and took it. Thank. But if anyone finds the effect of folding into a bundle - I would be grateful. Add a separate post and not a comment so that you can choose the answer. - Kenpachi
  • If you work only with the image, then canvas and mathematics will help you. - LightShock

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Something like that? Turn.js

  • But is there information about how to bend a corner without turning over? - Kenpachi
  • No, never worked closely with this plugin - Specter
  • Sorry, flipping did without problems. but how to bend only .. Is there any other plugin in MB? And how this effect is generally called, but it's difficult to google it. - Kenpachi
  • i google on request jQuery paper effect - Specter