Faced the following problem. In order to link to my site beautifully displayed on social networks, created a special picture - the logo. Here, for example, as a link to facebook:

alt text

Pictures on the left look great. But there was a problem with the contact. That's what nonsense is obtained: alt text

In order for the picture to appear on Facebook, I indicated a special meta tag. Does such a tag exist purely for a Contact (then I will simply indicate another picture there)? Maybe there are other solutions? Preferably without JS scripts, otherwise it can be a problem on mobile browsers.

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    Eureka!!! Purely as they say "on the ball" (but I call it the method of scientific spear), I entered this url:


    those. the one that contains the key IMAGE. And it works !!!

    I hope someone will help in the future. I spent on search of the decision the whole 2 hours.

    • It would be better if you clearly described that you did not do anything, but earned with the help of the opengraph. Well, or described the solution that was applied. The solved problem is good, only others will not be able to repeat your success. - higimo 2:53 pm

    VKontakte relies on the same Open Graph protocol as FaceBook. The mention was found in the wilds of VKontakte docks: for the video, you must specify the image through the familiar <meta og:image , which means that just the picture for the site is also indicated.

    Somewhere someone wrote about a similar <meta vk:image tag <meta vk:image - did not try.

    • I tried it, it does not work - megacoder 6:49 pm

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