I have a RelativeLayout with an ImageView .

I have a picture - a red circle, with a transparency of 1%. I want that when I click on the picture, the same picture is superimposed on top. This is done in order to show the number of clicks on this circle. You need to add a picture dynamically, without calling the OnCreate method.

It should look like this: layout here .

Any idea how best to do this?

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    It is necessary not to impose, and put another

    • I need to decrease the transparency of the circle with an increase in the number of clicks on it. It’s not an option to take a different picture, since I will need them one by one for each percentage of transparency. And that 100 pictures. Therefore, I use one with 1% transparency and I want to adjust it many times. - Val
    • Then take the picture 100% and install withAlpha (int), increase the transparency - Gorets
    • thanks) it works. - Val