There are assemblies of СPython and Сuthon under the architecture of amd64 (taken from here: Unofficial Windows Binaries for Python Extension Packages ). Cython docks say that it is desirable to compile extensions with the same version of the compiler that CPython compiles. The problem with the lack of a 64-bit compiler in VC ++ Express is that it is in the Windows SDK . But even after installing the Windows SDK the script reports that the vcvarsall.bat file vcvarsall.bat not found.

  • vcvarsall.bat not found on the disk or in the directories specified in the variable% path%? - alexlz
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    Perhaps this will help: Python problem with vcvarsall.bat - Ilya Pirogov
  • Basically, google the answer to your question… . But now when executing \ distutils \ on line 299, the error "ValueError: [u'path, u'include ', u'lib'] takes off. Python version - 2.7.3 - dm_panyushkin
  • everything worked out! The error was caused by the fact that version 7.0 is installed in the offline assembly of the Windows SDK, and with the help of the online installer - 7.1 - dm_panyushkin