Tell me, what is the width of the central unit (without the right chat) facebook? 1000px it fixed 1000px ? And what is the width of , is it fixed at 790px ?

  • Inspect the item in the opera - Demyan112rv

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 .hasLeftCol #contentCol { border-left: 1px solid #CCCCCC; margin-left: 181px; min-height: 600px; width:799px; } 

Vk: (without menu)

 #page_body { width: 631px; } 

The width is fixed in both cases.

  • The contact is fixed, the width of the central unit in all cases is 631 pixels, and on Facebook what? - OverLoader
  • Yes, most likely in VC is fixed, but I am confused that it is not in styles, but in the style attribute. In the face book, it is exactly fixed, 799px. Filtered silt is not - it is easy to determine, unstick the browser from full-screen mode and change the width. If the distance between the pictures, the width of the blocks does not change, then it is just fixed. - ReklatsMasters