It occupies 90 hectares, and there is little point. Can I delete this folder?

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    If you are sure that it does not contain any important encrypted data for you, then yes, you can delete it.

    • Oh, you'd better tell me so. I didn’t delete something correctly ... in general, the OS is not fully loaded, moreover, the nautilus and other window applications are not running ... What is most interesting, this directory that I wanted to delete is intact and not harmful. How to use it to recover all the data? it is desirable to immediately restore to one place - I will make a backup copy and install a new ubuntu. - lap top
    • Well, apparently the settings crashed. And who asked to include encryption home user? If nothing is valuable, then it is easier to reinstall the system from scratch. And at the same time correctly create partitions and assign rights. If this does not suit you - let me know, I will help you anyway - gecube
    • I need to see the files - either from the directory or from my user directory, where I can not get it. Select files and copy either to a USB flash drive or to a cloud. - lap top
    • grep ecryptfs command / var / log / syslog | tail -n1 issued the following ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase: Error attempting to open [/home/<user>/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase] for reading here I remembered that it was this file that I deleted first by mistake ... also I I found that even if I deleted exactly the right folder - the axis could not fully boot .... - lap top
    • Poorly. But in general, as you know, files are not physically deleted when deleted from the hard drive. And just deleted the entry in the directory. You can try using tools like undelete or data recovery tools like r-studio - gecube