There are two questions about SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics):

  1. Which JavaScript library is better to use for creating vector SVG graphics?

  2. Can the resulting vector SVG graphics, from the browser, then be exported to a PDF file? If so, how can this be implemented?

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    jQuery SVG jQuery SVG Well written and documented. Many examples and demonstrations. Supports most of the SVG elements, allows easy access to the elements.

    Raphaël — JavaScript Library Raphaeljs / good beginner library; you can easily and quickly do a lot of things with SVG. Well written and documented. Many examples and demos. Extensible architecture. Rich in animation effects.

    To convert to PDF: Batik (Java, open source) Inkscape (native binary, open source) Batik will give you more control. With Inkscape, you can use command line options (- IIRC export to PDF)